The International Leadership University (ILU) exists for the purpose of developing and educating future leaders of integrity and vision who will become world-changers and lead in good societal transformation.

Our world today is in crisis because in many countries, the business, labor and government leaders are led by corrupt leaders who lack the character and vision for nation building and the building of a better and greater world for the institutions and the people that they lead. ILU is a network of accredited universities, colleges, schools and ministries in Africa that have the common purpose and mission of educating and producing emerging national leaders of integrity and vision.

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Dr. Dela Adadevoh - President
Dr. Victor Koh - Senior Vice President

International Leadership University
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ILU-IWU Partnership: Global Online Accredited University Degree Programs

Excelsis: Online Theological Education

The King's College (New York, USA)

Nairobi International School of Theology (Nairobi, Kenya)

Africa Leadership & Management Academy (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Africa Leadership & Management Academy (Accra, Ghana)

Africa Center for Theological Studies (Lagos, Nigeria)