ILU Strategy


City University Concept

ILU institutions are preferably located in the hearts of cities. This environment facilitates the engagement of faculty and students with contemporary issues and leadership in society. Students learn to be witnesses of Jesus Christ in the context of contemporary and competing ideas and interests. This real world environment for learning ensures that students are prepared for effectiveness in broader society after graduation.

Modular Approach to Education

The Modular Approach to Education increases the networks of people who can be educated through ILU. Adults who are actively employed can combine studies with their professional duties. The principle is to take leadership development to people where they are instead of limiting them to a campus residential model.

Institute of Biblical Studies (IBS)

The Institute of Biblical Studies provides essential biblical and theological education for Christian leaders who do not need, or cannot afford the demands of full degrees. The primary constituency that is served by this program is Campus Crusade for Christ International (CCCI) staff. The education is based on the Competencies for Theological Education of staff that was developed by the International Leadership Consortium (insert link) of which ILU is a member.

Pastors Training in Leadership (Discipleship Essentials)

Pastors Training in Leadership provides biblical, theological and leadership training for pastors and church leaders who will normally not be able to benefit from traditional institution-based theological training. The training equips them with the basic essentials for effective biblical leadership in ministry. ILU offers a Certificate for the PTL program.

The PTL program has been adopted and adapted by Trans World Radio Canada for global implementation as Discipleship Essentials. Discipleship Essentials broadens the participation in the program beyond Africa.


e-Learning is managed by the NET Foundation in Netherlands. There are currently courses in e-Learning. The plan is to work on complete degree programs using


The M-Learning is based on allogy software technology. M-Learning puts courses on smartphone chips. Students are able to learn through audio-video recorded lectures on the chips. This does not require Internet access, and provides an advantage to make theological and leadership educational available to pastors and other leaders in less privileged communities across the continent.

Partnerships with other Educational Institutions

ILU partners work with other like-minded educational institutions to offer specific degree programs.


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